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Jedward – World Peace Tour

Breaking News -JEDWARD WORLD PEACE TOUR!! ‘Spreading Hope and Good Vibes’ All Welcome, See You Soon! We will be landing in all Airports Reassuring our fans that everything will be okay and making you all smile! Let’s take selfies and make a connection with cool people

Jan 6th Brussels (BRU) 09:30
Jan 6th Berlin (SXF) 14:30
Jan 6th Cologne 19:30
Jan 7th Milan (BGY) 10:05
Jan 7th Budapest T2B 15:40
Jan 8th Copenhagen 13:00
Jan 8th Stockholm (NYO) 15:50
Jan 8th London (STN) 19:25
Jan 9th Riga 11:00
Jan 9th Estonia 14:50
Jan 9th Helsinki 20:30
Jan10th Stockholm (ARN) 13:45
Jan 10th Gothenburg 18:35
Jan 11th London (STN) 13:40
Jan 11th Glasgow T2 17:30
Jan 11th Dublin T1 21:20
Jan 12th Manchester 07:30am
Jan 12th Bremen 14:30
Jan 12th Madrid T1 19:00

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